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Vh1 dating show steve wood

Leading the way is Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid,” where a man and woman who don’t know each other fend for themselves in the wilderness for three weeks without a stitch between them. Brent Montgomery, who produces the nonfiction hit “Pawn Stars” that airs on the History channel, said many early fans were drawn in by that title even though the show had nothing to do with the image left in your head.

That program’s success since its June 2013 premiere begat VH1’s “Dating Naked” and TLC’s real estate show, “Buying Naked,” with more in the planning stages. He’s now doing the spinoff, “Pawnography.” To truly succeed, however, a show needs more going for it to keep viewers once the novelty of watching naked bodies with blurred body parts wears off.

The “Dating Naked” debut earlier this month featured a woman in her 30s stung when her chosen man was distracted by a younger, gorgeous temptress – an intriguing story for VH1’s female-dominated audience.

The older woman’s name, Wee Wee, trended on Twitter and the episode’s audience of 826,000 easily beat the network’s average of 335,000 viewers in the time slot.

Fox has its own naked dating show in the works, but put it on hold during a management change.

“The idea of using nudity as a metaphor for allowing yourself to be truly exposed and truly yourself in the search for love felt really fresh and exciting,” Levison said.

“Not all children in America are afforded the same chances to succeed, but we believe in the power of music to help students fulfill their potential.

That’s why we are more committed than ever to bringing music education to students who need it most,” said Henry Donahue, executive director of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

“I think it’s the storytelling, the cast and a survival experience that’s authentic.” Memorable characters make successful shows, “and it takes a big character to take off their clothes in front of a reality TV camera,” Montgomery said.

“I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the amazing work that VH1 Save The Music does,” Queen Latifah said.

“This is bigger than just teaching kids how to play instruments – it’s about using music to bring communities together and giving all children a shot at a brighter future.

17, 2017 – VH1 Save The Music Foundation honored entertainment icon Queen Latifah as part of the Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Gala for her contributions to the world of music and commitment to providing low-income students with opportunities to pursue an education.

A Newark native, Queen Latifah and the Foundation had recently announced a 5-year, million project to rebuild music in 38 schools in the city.

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Yet, let’s face it: One hook is the question of whether a romance develops between two naked strangers left alone in the woods (except for the producers and camera crew, of course). The opposite is more likely; in one upcoming episode the two survivalists detest each other so much they agreed to separate until they were picked up at the end.