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Stephen moyer dating

And a friend of the actor weighs in on his friend’s decision to leave Lorien.“You can understand why he grabbed the opportunity to go to L. for True Blood and reach for a new level of stardom,” says the friend.Ordinarily, I could care less about The Homewrecker Wars being waged about certain actresses (and yet, not some first season began filming). They were both old enough to know what they were doing, but my guess is that Moyer, nearing his fortieth year, simply opted for the younger model.

On 2 October 2017, Moyer debuted in the lead role of Reed Strucker, a devoted family man and district attorney--the latter of which whose duties includes the apprehension of mostly young "mutants" with extraordinary powers--in the new Fox series The Gifted, loosely based on The X-Men feature film series.This was followed by the television film Lord of Misrule, filmed in Fowey, Cornwall, which also featured Richard Wilson, Emily Mortimer and Prunella Scales.In 1997, Moyer made his big-screen debut landing the lead role in the film adaptation of the long-running comic strip Prince Valiant by Hal Foster, working alongside Ron Perlman and Katherine Heigl.After graduating from LAMDA, Moyer worked in theatre for five years.He worked with the National Theatre Wales, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Oxford Stage Company, work which included going on tour and playing Romeo in productions of Romeo and Juliet.

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