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The number of converts significantly increased in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack, although it is not yet certain that the conversion surge in the United States has continued.[5] While the data do not suggest that conversions can fundamentally change existing European demographics, they do highlight the challenge of conflicting values for Western democracies.Freedom of religion guarantees every person the right to convince or be convinced that a different faith than his own is true; however, some Muslim converts reject the very liberal foundations that allow them to operate freely.Clerics understand that the Internet is a crucial arena in the fight for the souls and minds of the younger generation, and also that the Internet can be better controlled and screened compared to other media technologies.

Scholars regarded them as bid'a, an unlawful innovation, and it took the Napoleonic conquest of Egypt in 1798 to allow acknowledgment of their merit.

He invokes the conversion of "a considerable number of Westerners" to Islam as one positive result of migration and contends that migration for the purposes of commerce and da'wa has been proven throughout history to be a constructive contribution to the spread of Islam.[12] Internet sites operated by Muslim scholars and organizations play an important role in encouraging the conversion of Christians.

This role is part of an embrace and use of the Internet as a medium in the service of Islam.

Islamic scholars found that to ban or ignore mass Muslim migration would only alienate immigrants.

Instead, they focused on strengthening the immigrants' Muslim identity while using them in the service of Islam.

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But these risks, argued Idris, do not deny the merits of the Internet; they only emphasize the need for Muslims to further utilize these technologies in the service of Islam.[15] Some Internet sites created by Muslim scholars and organizations reserve significant space for literature on Christians converting to Islam.