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Ephrem dating sites

A striking granite marker designates the burial site of seven poineers who were massacred by Indians in 1865.Seven Ephraimites, who drowned in Funks' Lake in 1878, are buried nearby.It is not improbable that he is one of the chief founders of the theological "School of the Persians", so called because its first students and original masters were Persian Christian refugees of 363. Ephraem was borne without pomp to the cemetery "of the foreigners". To this class belong not only the legendary and occasionally puerile traits so dear to Oriental writers, but also others seemingly reliable, e.g. Though Ephraem seems to have been quite ignorant of Greek, this meeting with St.an alleged journey to Egypt with a sojourn of eight years, during which he is said to have confuted publicly certain spokesmen of the Arian heretics. Basil is not improbable; some good critics, however, hold the evidence insufficient, and therefore reject it, or at least withhold their adhesion. Ephraem, therefore, offers not a few obscure problems; only the general outline of his career is known to us.The Syriac original of Ephraem's writings is preserved in many manuscripts, one of which dates from the fifth century.Through much transcription, however, his writings, particularly those used in the various liturgies, have suffered no little interpolation.This burial took place about two miles north of Ephraim and is the present site of Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery. Numerous markers bear names of young children, as various diseases and malnutrition took a terrible toll in those early years.Ornate oolite, granite and simple wooden markers dot the cemetery, most engraved with loving words, poetry and decorative emblems.

Numerous versions, however, console us for the loss of the originals.To accomplish even so much the emperor had to sign a disadvantageous treaty, by the terms of which Rome lost the Eastern provinces conquered at the end of the third century; among the cities retroceded to Persia was Nisibis (363).To escape the cruel persecution that was then raging in Persia, most of the Christian population abandoned Nisibis Ephraem went with his people, and settled first at Beit-Garbaya, then at Amid, finally at Edessa, the capital of Osrhoene, where he spent the remaining ten years of his life, a hermit remarkable for his severe asceticism.He was still living, or at least not long dead, when the translation of his writing into Greek was begun.Armenian writers seem to have undertaken the translation of his Biblical commentaries.

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At this time some ten heretical sects were active in Edessa; Ephraem contended vigorously with all of them, notably with the disciples of the illustrious philosopher Bardesanes. Basil; four years later he refused both the priesthood and the episcopate that St.

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