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Lethal injections have become rare, in part because pharma companies don’t want to aid in executions and have blocked the sale of their drugs for that purpose.

But corrections officers in Arkansas have managed to get their hands on three drugs that courts have ruled are suitable for the job.

So this drug, if effective, can have the effect of hiding whether the prisoner is suffering.

is most often used in medicine as a simple way to supply potassium.

Pharma companies don’t allow them to be used for executions, but Arkansas got their hands on some anyway.

Here’s what the three drugs in the state’s lethal injection cocktail actually do.

After one of those, a 2014 execution that took nearly two hours, Arizona .

Other states still use it, though, and the Supreme Court upheld its legality in an Oklahoma case as a lethal injection drug. It relaxes and paralyzes muscles, so that the patient can’t move.

Pick these mushrooms up at your local asian grocery or in a well-stocked mushroom section and give them a try for your next BBQ. The drugs used in lethal injections were not designed to kill people, and they are on the market today because of their use in medicine.Most importantly, potassium chloride can stop the heart.The drug is normally given in small doses over the course of a day, with a .An anesthesiologist might give you some , or as you’re heading into surgery so you don’t get nervous about everything else that’s going to happen.It doesn’t put you to sleep, but you might feel sleepy as a side effect, and you probably won’t remember anything that happens while the drug is in effect.

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, used for euthanizing pets, was once the standard for lethal injection but it has recently been impossible for corrections departments to obtain.

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